Bachelor of Arts, English

Bachelor of Arts, English

The English major offers students an opportunity to experience representative American, British, and world literature; to discover and develop an appreciation of ideas and values; to cultivate critical thinking; to develop a knowledge of the English language and its operation; and to strengthen writing skills.

Administrator: Chair, Department of English

Learning Objectives:

  1. Graduates of the department of general education students will be able to think critically, express themselves clearly, research successfully, and develop an appreciation for the medium of language through a variety of writing experiences. (Academic Excellence)
  2. Graduates of the department and general education students read and discuss masterpieces of Western and World literature, emphasizing how the works relate to the world in which they were created and how they relate to the reader and world today. (Creative Engagement, Social Responsiveness)
  3. Graduates of the department and general education students will have a concrete knowledge of authors and their literary works, understanding the author and work's place in the culture from which they arose and in the literary world as a whole. (Creative Engagement, Social Responsiveness)

Requirements: 38 credits of which 25 shall be numbered above 2999 and foreign language equivalent
            ENGL2310. British Literature: Beowulf through the Age of Reason (3)
            ENGL2980. Introduction to the Study of Literature (1)
            ENGL3120. Linguistics (3)
            ENGL3320. Shakespeare (3)
            ENGL3410. Greek and Roman Classics (3)
            ENGL3510. Twentieth Century Poetry (3); or,
                         ENGL3520. Twentieth Century Drama (3)
            ENGL3910. Literary Criticism (3)
            ENGL4980A. Senior Seminar in English (1)
Two courses selected from:

            ENGL2210. American Literature: Colonial Period to the Civil War (3)
            ENGL3210. Major Authors in American Literature (3)
            ENGL3250. The American Novel (3)
One course selected from:
            ENGL3310. Major Authors in British Literature (3)
            ENGL3350. The British Novel (3)
            ENGL4340. Major Romantics and Victorians (3)
One course selected from:
            ENGL2420. World Literature: The Ancient World to the Renaissance (3)
            ENGL2430. World Literature: The Enlightenment to the Modern Era (3)
            ENGL3420. Foreign Literature in Translation (3)
Six credits in English (6)
The equivalent of one year's skill in a foreign language, met by successful completion of one year of foreign language study or by successful completion of a language skills test
A second year of modern foreign language study