Bachelor of Arts, History

Bachelor of Arts, History

The department holds to the belief that the study of history is an essential component of a high quality education. Historical study develops and sharpens the mind by training students to think, to evaluate, to communicate and ultimately to judge, all valuable skills for most professional careers.

Administrator: Chair, Department of History and Political Science

Requirements: 42-44 credits: 36 in history of which 24 shall be numbered above 2999

HIST1030. The World and the West I (3)

HIST1040. The World and the West II (3)

HIST2030. Conflict and Consensus: American History to 1877 (3)

HIST2040. Conflict and Consensus: American History from 1877 (3)

HIST4970. Senior Research and Thesis (3)

One year of foreign language(same language, either modern or classical) (6-8)

Twenty-one credits in history numbered above 2999 (21)