History and Political Science

Department of History and Political Science

Faculty: Alan Wheatley (Department Chair), Christian Esh, Mark Gismondi, Stephen Shaw

Learning Objectives:

  1. To help students acquire academic and intellectual expertise in their respective disciplines and majors; (Academic Excellence)
  2. To assist students in the development and application of their skills of critical analysis and research, creativity, and communication consistent with a Christian liberal arts education; (Academic Excellence and Creative Engagement)
  3. To develop scholar-servants who are enlightened and engaged citizens, and who display a Christlike passion to promote justice, seek peace, and pursue tolerance in their communities; (Creative Engagement, Social Responsiveness, and Christlike Character)
  4. To promote learning as a life-long skill and interest that will enable students to apply their talents professionally and to experience a deeply-rooted sense of challenge and fulfillment in their lives.  (Creative Engagement and Social Responsiveness)


Bachelor of Arts, History

Bachelor of Arts, International Studies

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

History Education

See Secondary Education: History First Teaching Field, History Second Teaching Field



Political Science

Pre-Professional Program