Physics Second Teaching Field

Physics Second Teaching Field Emphasis

Requirements: 36 credits including 20 in physics; 14 credits in math; and 2 credits in secondary methods

PHYS2110. Physics for Science and Engineering I (3); and

PHYS2110L. Physics for Science and Engineering I Laboratory (1)

PHYS2120. Physics for Science and Engineering II (3); and

PHYS2120L. Physics for Science and Engineering II Laboratory (1)

PHYS2310. Instrumentation in Experimental Physics I (1)

PHYS2320. Instrumentation in Experimental Physics II (1)

PHYS3130. Modern Physics (3); and

PHYS3130L. Modern Physics Laboratory (1)

BIOL3640. Teaching Science in the Secondary School (2)

Two courses selected from: 

PHYS3410. Analytic Mechanics (3) *

PHYS3510. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (3)

PHYS4610. Electricity and Magnetism (3) *

PHYS4720. Solid State Physics (3)

PHYS4810. Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics (3)

The following math courses are required as they are pre/co-requisites to all the above physics courses:

MATH2510. Calculus I (4)

MATH2520. Calculus II (4)

MATH3530. Vector Calculus (3)

MATH3540. Differential Equations (3)

* These courses represent the areas typically taught in secondary schools.