English Second Teaching Field Emphasis

English Second Teaching Field Emphasis

Requirements: 24 credits of which 9 shall be above 2999; including 3 credits in secondary methods

ENGL2122. English Grammar and Usage/Linguistics and History (3)

ENGL3010. Teaching English in Secondary Schools (3)

Two courses selected from:

ENGL3020. Principles of Writing (3)

ENGL3040. Creative Writing - Prose (3)

ENGL3050. Creative Writing - Poetry (3)

One course selected from:

ENGL2210. American Literature: Colonial Period to the Civil War (3)

ENGL2220. American Literature: Civil War to the Present (3)

ENGL3210. Major Authors in American Literature (3)

ENGL3250. The American Novel (3)

Two courses selected from:

ENGL2310. British Literature: Beowulf through the Age of Reason (3)

ENGL2320. British Literature: The Romantic Age to the Present (3)

ENGL3310. Major Authors in British Literature (3)

ENGL3320. Shakespeare (3)

ENGL3350. The British Novel (3)

ENGL4340. Major Romantics and Victorians (3)

One course selected from:

ENGL2420. World Literature: The Ancient World to the Renaissance (3)

ENGL2430. World Literature: The Enlightenment to the Modern Era (3)

ENGL3410. Greek and Roman Classics (3)