Chemistry Second Teaching Field Emphasis

Chemistry Second Teaching Field Emphasis

Requirements: 24 credits in chemistry; and 2 credits in secondary science methods

BIOL3640. Teaching Science in the Secondary School (2)

CHEM2210. General Chemistry I (3); and

CHEM2210L. General Chemistry I Laboratory (1)

CHEM2220. General Chemistry II (3); and

CHEM2220L. General Chemistry II Laboratory (1)

CHEM2610. Analytical Chemistry (3); and

CHEM2610L. Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (1)

CHEM3210. Organic Chemistry I (3); and

CHEM3210L. Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1)

CHEM3220. Organic Chemistry II (3); and

CHEM3220L. Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (1)

CHEM3510. Thermodynamics and Kinetics (3)

CHEM3620. Integrated Laboratory I (1)