Biology Second Teaching Field Emphasis

Biology Second Teaching Field Emphasis

Requirements: 29 credits in biology numbered 2000 or above; including 2 credits in secondary science methods

BIOL2220. General Biology I (3); and

BIOL2220L. General Biology I Laboratory (1)

BIOL2230. General Biology II (3); and

BIOL2230L. General Biology II Laboratory (1)

BIOL3160. Plant Taxonomy (3), and

BIOL3160L. Plant Taxonomy Laboratory (1)

BIOL3240. Plant and Animal Ecology (3)

BIOL3640. Teaching Science in the Secondary School (2)

BIOL3720. Genetics (3); and

BIOL3720L. Genetics Laboratory (1)

BIOL3300. Vertebrate Zoology: Ectotherms (3), and

BIOL3300L. Vertebrate Zoology: Ectotherms Laboratory (1)

BIOL3320. Vertebrate Zoology: Endotherms (3), and

BIOL3320L. Vertebrate Zoology: Endotherms Laboratory (1)