Business and Economics

Department of Business and Economics

Faculty: David Chaplin, Peter Crabb, Samuel Dunn, Brenda Johnson, Karen Jones, Jeff Lineman, Stephen Mountjoy, Fred Sutton, Mollie Sweet, RG Vanderpool, Dick Van Schyndel, Konya Weber

The mission of the Business Department at Northwest Nazarene University is to educate students for the purpose of developing ethical servant leaders who can transform a global society for the kingdom of Christ. We accomplish this goal by providing a strong, scholarly business curriculum rooted in the liberal arts tradition, which is delivered through traditional and innovative programs. To this end, the program is designed with the following measurable objectiv

  1. Students will be provided with instruction necessary to increase their knowledge and to encourage academic excellence across a range of contemporary business subjects, including accounting, economics, finance, management, information technology, operations, international business environment, law, ethics, marketing, and communication.
  2. Students will experience activities that facilitate development of skills relevant to and which encourage creative engagement with the contemporary business environment. These skills will include teamwork, qualitative and quantitative analysis, written and oral communication, use of technology, and decision making.
  3. Students will be involved in activities which will enhance their ability to work with Christlike character in a variety of business environments. Aspects of Christlike character addressed will include business ethics, social responsibility, workplace respect, and legal compliance.

Admission to Advanced Standing

Business and Economics Department majors participate in an application and monitoring process that continues throughout their college program. Application to Advanced Standing may be made after the student has successfully completed two of the classes listed below or approval of the Department Chair. This application typically occurs during the second semester of the first year.

ACCT2060. Financial Accounting (3)

ACCT2070. Managerial Accounting (3)

BSNS1110. Introduction to Business (1)

BSNS2170. Computer Applications in Business (3)

BSNS2220. Business Communication (3)

ECON2410. Microeconomic Analysis (3)

ECON2420. Macroeconomic Analysis (3)

BSNS2330. Math for Business and Finance (3)

To qualify for entrance into upper-division courses applicable for completion of degrees within the Department of Business and Economics, students must complete the following requirements for acceptance into Advanced Standing:

  1. Be officially admitted to Northwest Nazarene University and be declared either an Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Global Business, Management, or Marketing major 
  2. Have completed at least two business or accounting classes offered through the Business Department and be progressing in at least two business or accounting classes at the time of the interview or approval of the Department Chair
  3. Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or approval of the Department Chair
  4. Adhere to the School of Business Department Standards and University Outcomes
  5. Make application for Advanced Standing
  6. Interview with a faculty panel and receive a positive recommendation
  7. Be accepted by vote of the business faculty

Advanced Standing will be withdrawn if the student fails to enroll at NNU for a period of three consecutive semesters, or does not maintain a 2.5 GPA, or does not uphold  the Business Department Standards.   A student must reapply for Advanced Standing upon re-admittance to NNU.