Foundation Standing
Students who enter the Master of Social Work program from disciplines other than social work are given Foundation Standing. These students must take courses to lay a foundation for the concentration level social work courses. These foundation courses are taken during the first three semesters of the program.

Advanced Standing
The Advanced Standing option was developed to recognize the academic accomplishments of outstanding applicants who have completed a B.A. in social work or BSW from a college or university accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Criteria for admission to Advanced Standing status are the same as foundation status admission requirements with the addition of the following requirements:

  • Applicants must have an overall GPA of 3.25 or higher for the last 90 quarter credits or last 60 semester credits in their baccalaureate program.
  • A grade of B- (2.7) or higher is required in all upper division social work classes.
  • Applicants must have completed their BSW within five years of enrollment in this MSW program. [The five-year limit may be extended if the applicant has been engaged in full-time post-BSW social work practice.] Individuals applying for advanced standing must submit a copy of their senior practicum evaluation and any other supporting documents (such as information related to terms spent overseas, in urban or rural settings, or a copy of a research project) that can establish their competency to begin graduate study.
  • At the time of matriculation applicants are expected to have completed one full year of social work employment, voluntary service in a human services setting (e.g., VISTA, MCC, AmeriCorps), or participated in an intensive domestic or overseas learning experience. Applicants must submit with their application material an employment/volunteer form and a letter of reference from their on-site supervisor. Consideration for admission to advanced standing will be given to outstanding, recent graduates of BSW programs who have not completed a full year of work in a social service agency but have participated in diverse voluntary settings during their college or university experience (e.g., overseas terms, urban plunges, rural projects, or outstanding research projects).

BSW/Licensed Not Qualified for Advanced Standing

  • Applicants who are graduates of a baccalaureate program accredited by CSWE but do not meet all of the programís requirements for advanced standing may meet with the program director to develop an individualized study plan. Only courses completed within the last five years with a grade of B- (2.7) or higher will be considered as meeting the eligibility requirements for discussion of a course challenge. Consideration of the applicantís request will be based upon a formal examination or a discussion of relevant theories/concepts and course content with the program director.
  • Applicants who are not graduates of accredited BSW or B.A. social work programs but who have graduated in a related field and believe that a particular foundation course(s) will be redundant may request to take an examination as an option for challenging a professional foundation course(s). Upon successful completion of a challenge examination, the applicant will be excused from taking the selected foundation course. A maximum of 12 credits may be challenged.