Mission, Outcomes, and Program Goals


The Master of Science in Nursing program at Northwest Nazarene University provides a Christian setting that fosters intellectual, professional, and spiritual growth. The program focuses on current research, evidence based practice, technology, and practices delivered by experienced professionals who can translate theory into practice. NNU’s Master of Science in Nursing program prepares graduates of distinction in nursing education and clinical leadership. 


The Department of Nursing and Health Science subscribes to the university core Values - Transformation, Truth, Community, and Service which are integrated into each individual course syllabus. 

Master of Science in Nursing Graduates will:
• Assume clinical and/or educational leadership in diverse healthcare settings.
• Demonstrate scholarly activity in research, evidence based practice and adapting theoretical frameworks to clinical practice.
• Advocate for diverse populations and demonstrate social responsibility in healthcare delivery.


The Master of Science in Nursing program provides accessible graduate education in nursing that meets the demands of the profession while maintaining the highest degree of academic rigor and integrity.