Master of Education, Reading

Master of Education, Reading

35 semester credits required.

This online masterís program serves the classroom teacher who holds elementary, secondary, or special education certification, and who desires to improve his/her reading instruction and literacy leadership. Based on current research, best practices, and state and national standards, the program equips K-12 teachers to do the following:

  • Plan and implement instruction, beginning with pre-reading skills through advanced comprehension, to assist diverse learners in achieving competence in English literacy
  • Use data from multi-faceted assessments to impact student achievement
  • Evaluate and use published research and results from action research project to inform instruction
  • Serve as resources and instructional leaders within their individual schools and districts

The Master of Education in Reading program uses the Angel online delivery system to provide access for all K-12 teachers. This method for the programís courses incorporates a cohort model in which learners and instructor interact in asynchronous classrooms by completing assignments and engaging in discussions as in course descriptions and syllabi.

In addition to the online courses, candidates participate in three online, week-long, overviews: Program Orientation; Accessing Online Resources and Developing Electronic Portfolios; and Presentation of Action Research Results and Electronic Portfolio during each of three summers. Vital components of the Master of Education in Reading program, these online courses provide the following:

  1. Orientation and resources to help participants in accomplishing their goals and meeting program requirements in this online program
  2. A development of a sense of community among cohort members and NNU faculty members
  3. A celebration and sharing of professional accomplishments

Completion of this program fulfills course requirements for an Idaho K-12 Idaho Literacy Endorsement.

Required courses:

EDUC7501. Online Summer Orientation I: Program Orientation (1)
EDUC7502. Online Summer Orientation II: Accessing Online Resources and Developing Electronic Portfolios (1)
EDUC7503. Online Summer Orientation III: Presentation Action Research (1)
EDUC7511. The Learning Process (3)
EDUC7518. Action Research for Educators (3)
EDUC7520. Brain Research and Reading: How We Learn, How to Teach (3)
EDUC7525. Teaching and Assessing Early Reading and Spelling (3) 
EDUC7531. Statistical Applications for Educators (2)
EDUC7537. Effective Classroom Instruction for English Language Learners (3)
EDUC7547. Reading for Meaning: Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension (3)
EDUC7577. Teaching and Assessing Reading and Writing: Intermediate and Secondary (3) 
EDUC7578. The Literacy-Focused School: Leadership and Program Design (3)
EDUC7596V. Internship in Reading (3)
EDUC7598E. Seminar: Action Research and Electronic Portfolio (1, 2 and 3)

Additional requirements for Idaho Literacy Endorsement:

This program fulfills requirements for an Idaho Literacy Endorsement for those holding an Idaho Teaching Certificate.