Education Specialist, Educational Leadership-Building Administrator

Education Specialist, Educational Leadership-Building Administrator

33-34 semester credits required. More credits may be required depending on program director's evaluation of the student's previous master's degree.

The Ed.S. Educational Leadership - Building Administrator classes emphasize the administrator as an instructional leader as well as a servant leader. Ethical decision making, creative problem solving, and professional growth are other areas of emphasis. Near the end of coursework, each student will enroll in EDUC8700 (zero (0) credits) to complete a comprehensive examination.

Successful completion of the degree qualifies the graduate for recommendation to the State of Idaho for a Pre K-12 Principal endorsement on an Idaho Administrator Certificate. It is the studentís responsibility to submit the appropriate paperwork and fees to the Idaho State Department of Education for obtaining certifications and endorsements in Idaho. Current forms and information are available from the ISDE website. Students should check the Internet and other sources for specific requirements for certification in other states. An optional class may be offered to help students who want to become principal certified in Oregon: EDUC7570 Oregon Law and Finance. See the course descriptions for more information.

Classes are offered in both face-to-face and online formats. (The program director reserves the right to combine formats or replace an asynchronous online format with a synchronous videoconferencing format for individual classes in any semester.)

Required courses (face-to-face and online):

EDUC7500. Introduction to Online Learning (required for online students only) (1)
EDUC7518. Action Research for Educators (3)
EDUC7531. Statistical Applications for Educators (2)
EDUC7533. Curriculum and Assessment (3)
EDUC7545. Classroom Behavior Management in the Mainstreamed Classroom (3)
EDUC7575. Legal and Financial Issues in Education (3)
EDUC7579. Special Education Law for Administrators (2)
EDUC7581. Instructional Supervision and Leadership (3)
EDUC7585. Administering Human Resources (3)
EDUC7596III. The Principalship/Internship in School Principalship (7)*
EDUC7598C. Seminar: Action Research (1)
EDUC8677. Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research (3)
EDUC8700. Comprehensive Examination (0)

*Students who conduct the principal internship outside of the Treasure Valley may be required to pay travel expenses for supervision visits.