Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership

Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership

The Ed.D. program consists of a minimum of 60 credits. The first thirty credits are earned through the successful completion of an Ed.S. program or its equivalent. The last 30 credits are offered primarily online.

The Education doctoral classes are designed to prepare administrators who are: 

  • capable of providing servant leadership to their districts. 
  • able to make ethical decisions under demanding circumstances. 
  • willing to encourage professional growth in others and exhibit academic excellence to those around them. 
  • able to provide creative, workable solutions to problems as they arise both within the district setting and the larger community. 
  • able to provide leadership in creating an inviting environment for students and staff regardless of their background or circumstances. 
  • able to contribute to the working body of knowledge through scholarly research. 

Required courses:

For the required Ed.S. courses, see the Education Specialist sections. The remaining 30 required credits are as follows:

EDUC9170. Advanced Qualitative Research Analysis and Methods (3)
EDUC9180. Advanced Quantitative Research Analysis and Methods (3)
EDUC9200. Policy Influence and Development (3) 
EDUC9300. Effective Leadership for Change Management (3) 
EDUC9400. Advanced Data Analysis (3) 
EDUC9500. Professional and Ethical Leadership (3)
EDUC9900. Dissertation Proposal (3)
EDUC9910. Dissertation Research I (3)
EDUC9920. Dissertation Research II (3)
EDUC9990. Dissertation Writing and Defense (3)

Six (6) of the above credits are on-campus during two weeks in the summer.

The following may also be required: 
EDUC8677. Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research (if not taken during Ed.S.) (3)
EDUC9930. Extended Dissertation Research and Writing (as needed) (1-3)