Program Outcomes

RN to BS, Nursing Program Outcomes

The Graduate will:

Ethics/Christian Perspective - Demonstrate values reflective of God and the Christian worldview, as well as professional ethics in the daily practice of nursing and the advancement of the profession.

Integration - Integrate scientific and liberal education with a Christian perspective into the practice of nursing.

Evidence-Based Practice - Utilize a spirit of inquiry and critical thinking principles in patient care to develop and establish evidence-based nursing care practice.

Leadership - Effectively lead nursing teams and actively collaborate with members of the healthcare team in providing safe, high quality health outcomes.

Healthcare Management - Utilize knowledge of healthcare policy, financing and structure at local, state, regional, national, and global levels to advocate for patients and the profession.

Informatics - Use available technologies to confidentially manage patient healthcare information, find and utilize valid healthcare resources and information and advocate for safety & effectiveness in all aspects of healthcare.

Caring/Diversity - Integrate caring behavior that reflects respect and value for the uniqueness of diverse persons and cultures into the use of nursing process with individuals, families, groups and communities.

Health Promotion - Participate in health assessment and education to promote wellness and prevention of illness/disease/injury for individuals, families, communities/populations.