Bachelor of Science, Accounting (ABA STEP)

Adult and Professional Program Business Bachelor of Science, Accounting

Objective: The Adult and Professional Program in Business (APP) offers a Bachelor of Science in Accounting in an accelerated delivery format for students 23 years of age and older with previous college experience.  Please contact the APP- Business Program Coordinator for details.

A total of 150 semester hours of post high school work will be required to sit for the CPA examination in several states.  For most students, this will take five years to complete.  Some students may wish to pursue an MBA to meet this requirement.  

Administrator: Director, APP-Business

Requirements: 72 credits; completion of the prescribed courses; completion of the ETS Business Exam

Core Courses:

ACCT2060  Financial Accounting (3)*

ACCT2070  Managerial Accounting (3)

ACCT3010  Income Taxation (3)

ACCT3040  Cost Accounting (3)

ACCT3510  Intermediate Accounting I (3)

ACCT3520  Intermediate Accounting II (3)

ACCT4020  Auditing (3)

ACCT4510  Advanced Financial Accounting (3)

BSNS3170  Computer Applications in Business (3)

BSNS3030  Management Information Systems (3)

BSNS3220  Business Communication (3)

BSNS3330  Math for Business and Finance (3); or,

     MATH2240  Elementary Statistics (3)

BSNS3410  Business Law I (3)

BSNS3420  Business Law II (3)

BSNS3510  Principles of Marketing (3)

BSNS3640  Principles of Management (3)

BSNS3710  Principles of Finance (3)

BSNS3810  Business Ethics (3)

BSNS4690  Global Operations Management (3)

BSNS4980  Senior Seminar In Business (3)

ECON3410  Principles of Microeconomics (3)

ECON3420  Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

Two prescribed electives offered by the Department of Business & Economics. (ECON1010 and ECON1050 cannot be used as electives)

*If ACCT2060 was taken as a transfer course more than 5 years ago, and the student wishes to have it accepted as transfer credit, the student will be required to audit ACCT2060, Financial Accounting, before taking ACCT2070, Managerial Accounting. The student will also be required to adhere to the APP-Business attendance guidelines. Students will also be given the option of taking an exam to determine proficiency. If the student fails the exam, he or she will be required to register for ACCT2060, Financial Accounting.