Streaming Media

Streaming Media Procedures

Before you begin, please be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure your planned use of a video, DVD or audio is in full compliance with copyright laws.

 Comply with Copyright Law

Use of the material must comply with copyright laws and/or Fair Use guidelines

Three scenarios exist:

  • If you or NNU own(s) the rights to the content, it may be uploaded.
  • If you have written permission from the copyright owner, such as a publishing company, the content may be uploaded.
  • If you do not have written permission but the Fair Use guidelines apply, the content may be uploaded for a limited amount of time. Access to media under this condition must be removed in a timely manner to comply with TEACH Act guidelines

For help in deciding whether you can use certain media, visit, or contact the NNU Copyright Officer (Dr. Sharon Bull, Director of Library Services, or 208-467-8609).

Another particularly helpful copyright resource is Baruch College's Interactive Guide to Using Copyrighted Media. This guide walks you through an interactive flow chart to determine whether you can use particular media. Note: One of the first questions in this guide asks if you are Baruch College faculty. Don't let that stop you from using the resource; elsewhere, its developers say the guide is intended for all educators.

Placement of Streaming Media Files

Streamed files can be easily placed either onto your University YouTube account and embedded into your Canvas course, or put on the Streaming Media Server with a link in your Canvas course. For use of the streaming media server, typically, a program assistant has access to a departmental subfolder on the streaming server and can do this for you.

If you need access to the streaming media server please visit and submit a help request for the streaming media server indicating that you need access.

Links for Streaming Media Files

Please contact eLearning Services via a help request at for training in how to upload files to your University YouTube account and learn how to embed them in your Canvas course.  We are also available to provide training regarding how to create a link to your files on the streaming media server which you can put in your Canvas course as well.


Please visit and fill out a new help request in order to receive training on how to use YouTube and/or the streaming media server.