Library Migration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for answers to your library questions during the Great Migration.

Where will the library be during 2013-14?

All library services will be provided at our interim location on campus in Helstrom Business Center, 804 E. Dewey Street, just one block east of our current location.  All services will be available, just as they have been in the Riley Library building.

What are the new library hours?

The library will operate under the same schedule. Check the library home page for daily operation hours.

What materials will be available from the library?

  • A collection of about 20,000 books and periodicals will be available in Harter Lecture Hall.
  • We anticipate that the remaining book collection will be available by placing a request either in person or online (  Library staff will retrieve these items and they will be picked up at the Circulation Desk in Harter Lecture Hall. There will be a short delay in getting these items.
  • Some materials will be in storage and will not be available until we move into the Learning Commons. Staff have tried to anticipate items that can be placed in this category.

How do I get a book if it is not on the shelf in Harter Lecture Hall?

The library system will indicate the location of material. If the system indicates it is “Available by Request” it can be retrieved.  If the system indicates “Storage” it will not be available.  If you have any questions, library staff are always available to help.