Honors College

University Honors Program

Western Intellectual Traditions is an interdisciplinary, historically sequenced, two-semester course, covering several historical periods: Greek, Roman, and early Christian; Renaissance and Reformation; Enlightenment; and Modern and Contemporary. This course takes students on an intellectual journey encompassing the whole scope of human thought. The NNU honors student is challenged to examine the important themes, issues, and periods in the development of Western thought.  Reading and dialoging about influential texts from the Bible to current fiction and nonfiction, engages the student in creating ethical and reasonable conclusions regarding their personal and professional goals.

A Community of Diversity:

Students pursuing different course work from different communities and cultural backgrounds make up this group of young men and women who seek to gain a better understanding of the modern world.  The students seek not to determine a "right" response based in knowledge, but rather to interact with the multiple applications of various accepted truths as they influenced human thought throughout history.  Challenged to take their knowledge and filter it through a process of critical thought, students are encouraged to make application of their experience, in their own lives. Students accepted into the program form a cohesive learning group that stays together for the entire academic year.

Program Overview:

This program, which provides an integrative learning experience for academically superior freshmen, is offered as an alternative to some of the general education requirements. The program introduces students to a unified and flexible approach to knowledge. It offers significant interdisciplinary learning experiences during the first year at NNU. Class structure includes team teaching and small discussion groups. Students accepted into the program form a cohesive learning group that stays together for the entire academic year. The screening and selection committee establishes specific program acceptance criteria. Enrollment is limited.  For more information please e-mail skshaw(at)nnu.edu.

Why Honors?

Students receive credit for Cornerstone, Philosophy, and a non- US History course after completing the University Honors Program giving students more flexibility in their studies.

Application Process: 

To be admitted into the University Honors Program students must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Hold a minimum high school GPA of 3.5 
  •  Earn at least a 25 on the ACT 
  •  And be in the upper 10% of one's graduating class

Students wishing to apply must also write a letter to Dr. Steve Shaw discussing their future contributions to the University Honors Program and how they expect to benefit from the program.  

Please email letters to skshaw(at)nnu.edu or mail letters to:

Northwest Nazarene University
Dr. Steve Shaw
623 S. University Blvd.
Nampa, ID 83686