Idaho Virtual Academy

Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA) high school students have an opportunity to earn university credit through NNU for selected courses!  Students can receive university level credit for courses administered through NNU and taught by IDVA instructors. 

2015-16 tuition: $65 per credit

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Fall Registration Deadline is October 31, 2015 (Note: You must also register for the course through IDVA. Check their website for course beginning and ending dates).  


CHEM1200. Principles of General Chemistry (3 credits - Year-long) Tuition: $195
This course will prepare a student for entry into either CHEM1210 or CHEM2210. A grounding in major principles of general chemistry including atoms, nomenclature, molecular structure, bonding and stoichiometry. No prior knowledge of chemistry is assumed. Prerequisites: High School Algebra.

CHEM1200L. Principles of General Chemistry Laboratory (1 credit - Year-long) Tuition: $65
An application and exploration of the principle techniques described in CHEM1200. Corequisites: CHEM1200.

ENGL1020. English Composition (3 credits - Year-long) Tuition: $195
A course intended to develop in students college-level writing skills and stimulate them to think critically, express themselves clearly, and develop an appreciation for the medium of language through a variety of writing experiences.  For the course to count for General Education requirements, a student must earn a grade of C- or better. Prerequisties: CCP students must be seniors with a cum B (3.0) gpa average.

MATH1300. College Algebra (3 credits - Year-long) Tuition: $195
Topics include polynomial arithmetic, synthetic division, zeroes of polynomials, systems of linear equations, matrices and matrix multiplication. Prerequisites: ACT score of 23 or instructor's permission.

MATH1400. Trigonometry (3 credits - Fall Semester) Tuition: $195
Topics include the study of the trigonometric functions, plane trigonometry, and analytic trigonometry. Prerequisites: MATH1300 (a grade of C or better), an ACT score of 26, or instructor's permission.

PHYS1110. College Physics I (3 credits - Year-long) Tuition: $195
A comprehensive non-calculus based approach to the fields of physics. Designed for students whoe career goals are architecture,, business, physical therapy, science education, and pre-medicine. Emphasis is placed on problem solving. Topics covered include mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, sound. Prerequisite: MATH1300, 1400; or pass the COMPASS math examination through trigonometry. Corequisites: PHYS1110L.

PHYS1110L. College Physics I Laboratory (1 credit - Year-long) Tuition: $65
The laboratory uses the discovery approach to physical principles. The laboratory will cover basic labs in mechanics, wave motion and heat. Corequisites: PHYS1110.

SPAN1010. Elementary Spanish (4 credits - Fall Semester) Tuition: $260
For students who wish to begin the study of Spanish. The acquisition of basic vocabulary, sounds and structures with emphasis on conversation.  An introduction to Spanish and Hispano-American cultures.  

SPAN1020. Elementary Spanish (4 credits - Spring Semester) Tuition: $260
A continuation of SPAN1010. For students who wish to begin the study of Spanish. The acquisition of basic vocabulary, sounds and structures with emphasis on conversation. An introduction to Spanish and Hispano-American cultures. Prerequisites: SPAN1010 or equivalent.


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