Idaho Digital Learning Academy

Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) high school students have an opportunity to earn university credit through NNU for selected courses!  Students can receive university level credit for courses administered through NNU and taught by IDLA instructors.

Spring 2014 tuition: $65 per credit

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Spring Registration Deadline is February 14, 2014 (*Note: You must also register for the course through IDLA. Check their website for course beginning and ending dates.)  Tuition is due at time of registration.

Spring Courses

SPAN1020. Elementary Spanish (4 credits) Tuition: $260
For students who wish to begin the study of Spanish.  The acquisition of basic vocabulary, sounds and structures with emphasis on conversation.  An introduction to Spanish and Hispanoamerican cultures. Prerequisites: SPAN1010 or equivalent. Instructor: Christa Arent (IDLA SPAN602 Dual Credit Spanish 3B)

SPAN2020. Intermediate Spanish (4 credits)  Tuition: $260
For students who have had at least two years of high school Spanish or one year of college Spanish.  A refinement of basic skills and structure with continued emphasis on conversation and increasing emphasis on composition and reading.  Prerequisites: SPAN2010 or equivalent.  Instructor: Christa Arent (IDLA SPAN604 Dual Credit Spanish 4B)

Fall Courses

BIOL1040. Environmental Science (3 credits)  Tuition: $195
A study of the issues pertaining to environmental sustainability including topics such as population growth, energy, pollution, and conserving biodiversity. Instructor: Catherine Howlett (IDLA SC1601 Dual Credit Environmental Science)

BIOL1060. Human Biology (3 credits)  Tuition: $195  
Selected topics related to the human body with particular emphasis on the integration of form and function as well as genetics and ethics. This course does not apply toward major requirements in biology. Instructor: Holly Martin (IDLA ANAT601 Dual Credit Anatomy & Physiology)

BIOL1060L. Human Biology Lab (1 credit)  Tuition: $65
A laboratory study using selected topics relating to the human body, which is intended to be taught in connection with BIOL1060. This course does not apply toward major requirements in biology.  Corequisite: BIOL1060 Instructor: Holly Martin (IDLA ANAT601 Dual Credit Anatomy & Physiology)


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