Community Mental Health Concentration

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Clinical social workers are the nation's largest providers of mental health and psychotherapy services, outnumbering both psychologists and psychiatrists. Guided by the program's mission, this concentration is dedicated to helping students gain both general and specific psychotherapy skills to be utilized in serving populations in rural and small town community settings. It is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills for assessment, treatment, and evaluation with client systems in various types of public and private settings with a focus on the mental health needs of these populations. Note: this is the only concentration/major offered at our Twin Falls site.

Medical Social Work with Adults (ages 40 and up)

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With a continual rise in our nation's aging population, Social Workers form an important link between adults and the services designed to help them live with independence, dignity, and to achieve maximum potential during later life. Within this concentration, students are prepared to work with adults in a variety of settings. Studies are focused on the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and economic aspects of daily living that occur in any number of settings.

Addiction Studies

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Substance abuse counseling is fast becoming an essential part of the educational program of helping professionals. The sequence of course work offered focuses on skill building in the areas of assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and individual and group counseling. Students are prepared for future certification in drug and alcohol counseling.  This opens up a myriad of employment opportunities in community agencies which provide a continuum of care for persons struggling with addiction problems.

Management, Program Development, and Community Planning Concentration

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Increasingly, agencies are looking for individuals with an administrative background and abilities. The capacity to work with and motivate others is key to success as a social work administrator, as are creative thinking and leadership skills. This concentration is guided by the program's mission and designed to prepare students to assume leadership roles in human services management, planning, and administration within public or non-profit settings. Students will be prepared to be proactive leaders in public and private agencies and gain knowledge of social policy, delivery of social services, vision for future planning, an understanding of human behavior, and commitment to social work ethics and values.

Dual Concentration

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A Dual Concentration involves completion of the practice courses in two or more concentration areas and gives the student advanced competencies in both/several areas. Advanced practitioners, who have initially gone into some area of clinical social work practice, often find themselves in administrative or supervisory positions within three years of graduation. Therefore, adding the Management concentration can be very advantageous. This option is also suggested for students who intend to go into private clinical practice or plan to own their own case management business.