masters in social work

Depending on education, and licensure, students can be admitted either at the Foundation level or at the Advanced Standing level for the Masters in Social Work degree. Both levels utilize a cohort model that allows for an interactive learning environment and collegiality throughout the student's course work.

The Masters in Social Work internships will help you build relationships with local professionals that will assist you now and after graduation. Among other places, our students have worked in schools, hospitals and mental health clinics. We'll also help you get the certification you need to work independently after graduation.

Mission Statement

The central mission of the Master of Social Work program is to prepare graduates for advanced micro and macro practice, professional leadership, and lifelong learning by providing a knowledge-based and value-informed education that emphasizes advanced practice with populations living in rural and small town areas. Course work stresses alleviating injustice, discrimination, and poverty; creating social policies and resources that will help meet basic human needs and enhance the quality of life; and assisting in the creation of accessible, responsible, and accountable human service programs.

The program addresses the historical significance of Christian organizations in the emergence of social work and social welfare. In addition, it considers the role of contemporary faith-based programs (including Christian churches and organizations) in local, state, national, and international rural and small town settings.

Areas of Concentration

Community Mental Health Practice (Note: this is the only one offered at our Twin Falls site)

Medical Social Work Practice with Adults

Addiction Studies Social Work Practice