Emeritus Faculty

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Dr. A. Wendell Bowes

Emeritus Professor of Old Testament
Ph.D., Dropsie College
Taught at NNU from 1982-2011

Dr. C.S. Cowles

Emeritus Professor of Religion
S.T.D., San Francisco Theological Seminary
Taught at NNU from 1975-1984 & 1986-2001

Dr. Edwin Crawford

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy & Religion
L.H.D., Northwest Nazarene University
Taught at NNU from 1976-2009

Dr. Irving Laird

Emeritus Professor of Special Ministries
D.Min., American Baptist Seminary of the West
Taught at NNU from 1967-1997

Dr. Ralph Neil

Emeritus Dean of the School of Theology & Christian Ministries
Emeritus Professor of Religion & Philosophy

D.Min., Nazarene Theological Seminary
Taught at NNU from 1981-2006