Ed.S. Educational Leadership: Superintendent

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Most of the classes for this degree are online. This degree program is designed for educational professionals who have a master's degree and are seeking formal educational leadership roles such as superintendent, assistant superintendent and other school district central office roles. Emphasis is on the administrator as an instructional leader as well as a servant leader. Ethical decision making, creative problem solving, and professional growth are other areas of emphasis.

Superintendent Degree

While this degree primarily utilizes an on-line delivery method, the initial two (2) courses of the program are delivered on campus in a face-to-face format. Students participate in a yearlong internship at the district office level. This internship will be supervised by a qualified central office administrator. This internship must be approved by the school district and the NNU program director.

Successful completion of the degree qualifies the graduate for recommendation to the State of Idaho for Superintendent endorsement on an Idaho Administrator Certification. Individuals should check for specific requirements for certification in other states.

Program Design

The program utilizes a cohort model which allows students to plan their schedules ahead of time and allows them to continue working full-time in their position while completing the program.

Students will typically complete the program in 22 months, which includes a yearlong internship at the district office level.


  1. Must have a master's degree and building administrator certification.
  2. Must gain admission as a Graduate Education student.

Required Courses

EDUC 7579 Special Education Law for Administrators (2)
EDUC 8670 Labor Relations in Schools (3)
EDUC 8671 Educational Change: A Historical Perspective (3)
EDUC 8672 The Superintendency (3)
EDUC 8673 Advanced School Finance (3)
EDUC 8674 School Facilities (3)
EDUC 8675 Public Relations and Marketing for Schools (3)
EDUC 8676 Special Populations: Issues and Resources (3)
EDUC 8677 Research (3)
EDUC 8678 Central Office Internship (1-4 ) (4 credits required)

Total Credits 30

Initial principal endorsement may be obtained through an Education Specialist degree. Please see Education Specialist, Educational Leadership-Building Administrator

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Course Descriptions

EDUC 7579 Special Education Law for Administrators (2cr)

Enables students to understand the legal complexities involved in identifying and providing educational services to students with special needs. Federal, state, and local laws including IDEA, Section 504, and ADA will be examined as well as case law.

EDUC 8670 Labor Relations in Schools (3cr)

The historical and practical aspects of labor relations in the school setting. Laws and procedures for working with union and non-union employees will be presented. Negotiations skills will be developed.

EDUC 8671 Educational Change: A Historical Perspective (3cr)

The impact of the psychological, sociological and cultural changes which have made our schools into what they are today and how that affects school administration. Problem solving/decision making skills will be emphasized.

EDUC 8672 The Superintendency (3cr)

Prepares students for assuming the key leadership role of superintendent of a local school district. There is an emphasis on research-based role expectation and practical guidelines for superintendent behavior and developing a working relationship with the local school board.

EDUC 8673 Advanced School Finance (3cr)

Provides the economic principles needed to provide insights into school finance for principals, teachers, business managers, and other school officials. The issues of educational productivity, allocation of resources, efficiency, and equity are covered. There is also a review of basic accounting principles and requirements applying to both district and building levels.

EDUC 8674 School Facilities (3cr)

Prepares students for planning new school facilities and major upgrades.  Facility maintenance; legal provisions involving financing; preliminary surveys of need; relationships with architects and contractors will be covered.

EDUC 8675 Public Relations and Marketing for Schools (3cr)

Interpreting the schools to the public and developing ways to provide a two-way flow of ideas between school and community will be explored.

EDUC 8676 Special Populations: Issues and Resources (3cr)

A study of the issues and potential resources for dealing with the diverse special populations in today’s schools. These populations include, but are not limited to; cognitive differences (special education and gifted and talented), as well as ethnic, national, cultural, socio-economic and religious populations.

EDUC 8677 Research (3cr)

Prepares the student for going beyond action research and introduces academic research utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

EDUC 8678 Central Office Internship (1-4 cr) (total of 4 credits required)

Interns are assigned for two semesters to practicing administrators in district offices.
Graded P/F.  Prereq: Approval of major professor and substantial completion of certification program.

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