The graduate programs in Education at Northwest Nazarene University provide a Christian setting where students can increase their teaching and leadership skills, enabling them to make a difference in K-12 student learning. NNU strives to provide a rigorous and relevant program that contributes to their spiritual and intellectual growth.

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Textbooks for Fall 2014

EDUC 7518 Action Research for Educators (M.Ed.)

  • Mills, Geoffrey E. *Action Research: A Guide for the Teacher Researcher 5th Edition. Prentice Hall, Inc, 2014. (ISBN 10: 0-13-288776-2; ISBN 13: 978-0-13-288776-2)

EDUC 7531 Statistical Applications for Educators (M.Ed.)

  • Salkind, Neil J. *Statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics 3rd Edition. Sage Publications, Inc, 2013. (ISBN 13: 978-1-4522-2523-4)

EDUC 7545 Classroom & Behavior Management in the Mainstreamed Classroom (M.Ed. and Ed.S.)

  • *The Tough Kid Principal's Briefcase. Pacific Northwest Publishing, 2013. (ISBN 978-1-59909-051-1)
  • Fay, Jim. *Schoolwide Discipline Plan Without the Loopholes. Love and Logic Press, 2010. (ISBN 978-1-930429-75-8)
  • Marzano, Robert J., Marzano, Jana S., & Pickering, Debra J. *Classroom Management that Works. Assoc. for Supervision & Curriculum Deve., 2003. (ISBN 978-0-87120-793-7) 

EDUC 7547  Reading for Meaning (M.Ed.)

  • Blachowicz, Camille *Teaching Vocabulary in All Classrooms. Merrill Education/Prentice Hall, 2009. (ISBN 13:978-0-13-500189-9)
  • Leslie, Lauren/Caldwell, JoAnne Schudt *Qualitative Reading Inventory-5 with DVD. Pearson, 2011. (ISBN 13: 978-0-13-701923-6)

EDUC 7562 Technology for Educators (M.Ed.)

  • No textbook required. Online reading assignments will be assigned.

EDUC 7575 Legal/Financial Issues in Education (M.Ed. and Ed.S.)

  • Hachiya, Robert, Shoop, Robert & Dunklee, Dennis. *The Principal's Quick Reference Guide to School Law, 3rd Edition. Corwin, 2014. (ISBN 978-1-4833-3333-5)

EDUC 7579 Special Ed Law for Administrators (M.Ed. and Ed.S.)

  • Rothstein, Laura F. & Johnson, Scott F. *Special Education Law 5th Edition. Sage Publications, Inc, 2013. (ISBN 978-1-4522-4109-8)

EDUC 7585 Administering Human Resources (M.Ed. and Ed.S.)

  • No textbook required. Online reading assignments will be assigned.

EDUC 7596III Internship/Principalship (M.Ed. and Ed.S.)

  • Robbins, Pamela & Alvy, Harvey B. *The new Principal's Fieldbook: Strategies for Success. ASCD, 2004. (ISBN 978-0-87120-858-3)
  • Rath, Tom. *StrengthsFinder 2.0. Gallup Press, 2007. (ISBN 978-1-59562-015-6)

EDUC 7596V Internship in Reading (M.Ed.)

  • Honig, Bill/ Diamond, Linda/ Gutlohn, Linda *Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures for Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade 2nd Edition. Academic Therapy Publications, 2008. (ISBN 13: 978-1-57128-464-8)

EDUC 7598e Part A Seminar: Action Research & Electronic Portfolio (M.Ed.)

  • No textbook required. Online reading assignments will be assigned.

EDUC 7598e Part B Seminar: Action Research & Electronic Portfolio (M.Ed.)

  • No textbook required. Online reading assignments will be assigned.

EDUC 8671 Educational Change: An Historical Perspective (Ed.S.)

  • Rury, John L. *Education and Social Change: Contours in the History of American Schooling. Routledge, 2013. (ISBN 978-0-415-52693-7)

EDUC 8674 School Facilities (Ed.S.)

  • Castaldi, Basil. *Educational Facilities: Planning, Modernization, and Management 4th Edition. Pearson/Allyn & Bacon, 1994. (ISBN 978-0-205-15201-8)

EDUC 8678 Central Office Internship (Ed.S.)

  • No textbook required.

EDUC 9165 Research Seminar (Ph.D.)

  • Ravitch, Sharon M. & Riggan, J. Matthew. *Reason & Rigor: How Conceptual Frameworks Guide Research. Sage Publications, Inc, 2011. (ISBN 978-1-4129-8125-5)

EDUC 9170 Advanced Qualitative Research (Ed.D. and Ph.D.)

  • Creswell, John W. *Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches. Sage Publications, Inc, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-4129-9530-6)

EDUC 9180 Advanced Quantitative Research (Ed.D. and Ph.D.)

  • Tanner, David E. *Using Statistics to Make Educational Decisions. Sage Publications, Inc, 2011. (ISBN 978-1-4129-6977-2)
  •  *Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th Edition. APA, 2009. (ISBN 978-1-4338-0561-5)

EDUC 9400 Advanced Data Analysis (Ed.D. and Ph.D.)

  • No textbook required. Online reading assignments will be assigned.

Accreditation and Approval

Northwest Nazarene University's education programs have maintained continuous accreditation through the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) since 1967. NCATE is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation to accredit undergraduate and graduate programs for the preparation of teachers and other professional school personnel. The NCATE stamp of approval signifies that the program meets the highest standards of excellence. In addition, NNU's Education programs are approved by the State of Idaho.