CLST Intercultural Labs

What is the CLST100x Lab about?

CLST1001L, CLST1002L and CLST1003L,  are course shells in ANGEL where students participate in an online seminar (for 0 credit and no cost) which prepares the student for a cross cultural experience. 

Every approved cross cultural experience/course must include enrollment in a CLSTLab for the corresponding Tier Level: CLST1001L for Tier 1 courses/experiences, CLST1002L for Tier 2 courses/experience and CLST1003L for Tier 3 courses/experiences. This Lab must be completed prior to the 'contact time' or travel experience.

The seminar takes approximately 4 hours of ‘seat time’ and is designed to help students experience another culture more deeply and meaningfully. It also provides guidelines for writing a meaningful essay about their cross-cultural experiences. 

Students traveling abroad for approved Tier 1 or Tier 2 experiences need to take the seminar in a Face-to-Face format (and enroll in CLST1001 or CLST1002) as part of their preparations for travel. These Saturday seminars will be announced through Message Board.

The CLSTLabs will:


  1. Explain the rationale and goals for requiring cross-cultural experiences.
  2. Provide a self-survey tool for identifying some of the student’s basic cultural characteristics/values (home culture).
  3. Explain how to use the survey criteria for analyzing a target culture.
  4. Identify methods for acquiring cross-cultural information.
  5. Guide the student in making observations about the target culture and reflecting on their observations in light of the Lingenfelter model of basic values.
  6. Explain how to use the data collected to write a meaningful essay.
  7. Provide the student with opportunity to evaluate both the Seminar and the cross cultural experience.

For further information about Cross Cultural Experiences, contact:
David R. Blowers
Phone: (208)467-8033