Murdock Course Registration

Online Professional Development Course Registration

Before registering for a Murdock Capacity Building Staff Development course, you must decide if you are going to take the course for continuing education credit. The only provision for DROPPING a course once you have registered is through an official Add/Drop process requiring signatures of student, instructor and the Continuing Education Director. This process is critical in order to avoid a "Fail" on your transcript.

You must indicate if you want a Graduate Continuing Education semester credit to appear on your Northwest Nazarene University transcript. There is no provision for changing this decision after registration is completed. Continuing education course fees cannot be refunded. If you do not indicate your desire for credit at the time you register, then your transcript will reflect only participation with no credit earned. You can request a transcript free of charge online at after course completion.

NNU offers quality courses for education professional development and to meet recertification requirements. Continuing Education courses are not normally considered part of an academic degree program.

Registration deadlines are two (2) weeks before the scheduled start date. If you miss this deadline and it is within 1 week of the start date, please call the office at (208-467-8870) or toll free at (1-800-349-6938) to see if registration is still open.

Upon registration you will:

  • Receive an e-mail receipt confirmation.

Approximately one week prior to class you will:

  • Become an NNU professional development (PD) student and receive an NNU ID number from the instructor which will enable you to log into the Angel online system. 
  • Receive information on what you need to know to access your course.  An ANGEL Orientation sheet will help instruct you. NNU switched from Blackboard to ANGEL in January, 2010.  Please allow enough time to become familiar with this delivery system before class begins.