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Course Descriptions

Angel Evergreen Training  (1)

A self-paced online training provided by the Angel Company.  NNU instructor available for assistance.  Course is to be completed before taking Online Course Design. 

Online Course Building with Angel  (1)

Designed to coach instructors in the mechanics of building online or hybrid courses and provide a glimpse into the nature of online learning.  Participants will receive hands-on guidance in using the Angel course management system and other technologies. 

Online Course Design and Development  (3)

Designed for instructors who are developing or re-developing an online course.  The course will provide an overview of the fundamentals of developing an online course based on best practices in teaching and learning online.  Participants will begin the development of individual online courses by defining specific goals and objectives; and creating course units that incorporate activities to address multiple learning styles, facilitate an online learning community, and assess student learning online.