Organizational Training & Performance

Achieving successful business outcomes tie directly to the ability to generate insights, define strategies, and move your organization or team into new opportunities to improve ROI (return on investment). Thriving organizations are those that are nimble, flexible and able to move into market opportunities quickly. Building your teams' capacity to adjust to market movements ensures better outcomes.

Increasing Organizational Capacity

Leading in Organizations

Good strategies and plans start with developing organizational intelligence and effectiveness. The CPD works with leaders and teams to develop acumen in strategic ideation, market responsiveness, and and intiative planning. We then ensure growing capacity through team capacity development in adaptability and process improvement. It's a continuous improvement methodology that works!

  • "Think to Plan" Strategy Development Workshops
  • Team Capacity & Performance

    Improving ROI is often a complicated and elusive endeavor. True business intelligence requires an "all hands on deck" approach to developing optimized teams and processes. At NNU, we understand that solving adaptive and technical challenges often requires increasing capacity, both mental and technical. Growing adaptive intelligence paves the way for teams to develop into new thinking, resulting in better solutions and decreased risk.

    • Managing Organizational Transitions:
    • Full-day training for managers of teams

    • Individual Transitions in Organizations:
    • Half-day training for team members

    HR Management Training

    NNU now offers Human Resource professionals relevant HR management and skills training. In partnership with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), NNU offers courses that provide HR managers and practitioners with the training and tools needed to grow their understanding of HR and their careers. Whether you are new to HR or are seeking to retool and recertify, NNU's SHRM courses will help you meet your goals.

    • 2014 SHRM Learning System
    • PHR/SPHR Certification Review Course

    • SHRM Essentials of HR Management Course

    Open-Enrollment Trainings

    2014 SHRM Learning System - Recertification Prep Course

    SHRM Essentials of HR Management Course

    Meet Dave

    professional development business

    Dave serves as Director for the Center of Professional Development (CPD) at NNU. Dave works with leaders to increase leaders' and teams' capacity to move successfully into market initiatives. Building efficiencies and increasing relevance through change leadership, team development and continuous process improvement achieves objectives, increases profitability and mitigates risk to achieve an improved ROI. 

    Dave holds an MBA in Strategic Management. He teaches in the areas of team capacity development, continuous improvement, and technology-based instructional design. Dave can be reached at dcovington(at)