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Kelsey Williams

Dr. Kelsey Williams has been working with at-risk, non-traditional student populations for over 10 years. She has educational experience teaching oversees in countries such as: Thailand, Cambodia, Chile, India, and China. She enjoys working with diverse student populations and working to meet each student's unique needs. Kelsey has worked in both the traditional and virtual setting as an instructor and administrator. Currently, she is working as the administrator at Another Choice Virtual Charter School and as a part-time administrator for Idaho Digital Learning Academy.

Differentiated LearningEDPD55609

The varying levels of learners within our classrooms continue to grow. Teachers are being asked to teach grade level content to students with diverse learning backgrounds and educational abilities. In order to maximize on instructional time and engage all learners, teachers must learn the art of differentiation. In this workshop, teachers will learn how to differentiate by incorporating helpful strategies, leveled learning, and student interests into daily lesson planning. All participants will be encouraged to bring an existing unit they would like to differentiate. 

Working with At-Risk Students - EDPD55611

Are you aware of the characteristics and issues facing at-risk students because of economically disadvantaged backgrounds? In this course, we will analyze the traits of high-performing high-poverty schools with emphasis on strategies to reduce the achievement gap and build community partnerships. This course focuses on improving learning outcomes for economically disadvantaged students.

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Cathy Beals

Dr. Catherine Beals is an associate professor of Education at Northwest Nazarene University. She teaches about effective mathematics instruction to both undergraduate and graduate students. She has also worked with practicing teachers on improving mathematics instruction in Idaho and other states. Dr. Beals has been honored with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Instruction. She draws on extensive teaching experience and her doctoral research to design her workshops. She has specialized in helping low achieving students be successful in mathematics.

Common Core Mathematics: Strategies for Struggling Learners (Grades K-8) - EDPD55608

Children struggle to learn mathematics for many reasons. This workshop will provide teachers specific knowledge and strategies related to helping low achieving students to be more successful in mathematics instruction based on the Idaho Core Standards for Mathematics. Teachers will gain a better understanding of mathematics learning disabilities and learn how to design appropriate accommodations based on a student’s strengths and struggles.

Common Core Mathematics: Just the Facts (Grades K-6)EDPD55607

The Common Core Standards for Mathematics encourages teachers to utilize worthwhile problem solving tasks to engage students in the mathematical practices. However, students still need to develop computational fluency. This workshop will help K-6 teachers understand the progression of skills suggested by the Common Core from grades K-6 related to basic facts and provide specific strategies for teaching, practicing and assessing basic fact mastery. Using iPads as instructional tools will be modeled throughout the class.

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Stefan de Vries

Over the course of 8 years at Borah High School in Boise, Idaho, Stefan de Vries has taught English 10, 11, 12 as well as ELL and Bridge sections in both English and FOCUS classes. Stefan has assisted in curriculum writing and organization for Boise Schools for various years, currently working with organizing, adjusting, and assessing the Common Core Standards for English 10. Last year, he participated in the Katheryn J. Albertson's Foundation Idaho Leads professional development training focusing on Common Core implementation throughout three regions in Idaho. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Oregon, and completed Masters programs at both the University of Oregon, and most recently at Boise State University.

Common Core – ELA: Unit Planning and AssessmentEDPD55606

Common Core Standards can seem large and overwhelming at the onset. This course is designed for teachers who are in the beginning phases of understanding the layout and integration of the Common Core Standards and would like to produce a serviceable unit for their classrooms next year. We will conduct a small overview of the ELA Common Core Standards for Secondary Education, how they are organized and grouped, and then how one can move from standards to Unit Planning. Teachers are asked to bring any materials they may need for planning a unit. Course will be taught by a practitioner, and the focus is on the practitioner level.

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Julene Messeck

Julene Messick has been involved with education for over 20 years in various capacities.  Her love for education began in private industry where she designed, developed and implemented summer research for K-12 educators throughout the Intermountain West and the Nation.  Her involvement on a national level through participation in programs such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) Multi-Site Evaluation Study and Robert Ballard's JASON Project lead to the developed and implementation of courses and workshops for the professional development of educators that promotes science, math and technology. Two words can describe her workshops - "Engage and Excite" the educator.  Her work in the university setting along with business and industry as an instructor and administrator has provided her with a unique perspective and learning experience by the educator.

Learning with the Heart

The Learning with the Heart workshop is designed to provide an overview of the importance and the critical role the heart plays in effecting our emotional experience.  Tools are provided that present opportunity for development of higher-order thinking skills, learner readiness, decision making and test-taking as well as for social and emotional behavior.

The Learning with the Heart workshop is part of the Innovative Instructional Series that is a unique combination of instruction by experts in the field, independent study, and Internet research.  It brings to light the methodology that guides and incorporates best practices and curriculum from various resources. 

Dave Covington & Christa Sandidge

Integrating MultimediaEDTC53728

Technology integration is a vital component for today’s learner, as people of all ages spend much of their day tapped into technology. The 21st Century teacher understands this. This course will focus on how to effectively integrate multimedia into curriculum and instruction in the f2f, hybrid, and online classroom, and how to use the technology in light of best practices. It’s not the technology itself, but the way we use the technology, that promotes higher level thinking. We will explore what technology is available in the world today and how to use it to increase student engagement, learning, and understanding.

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Barb Rainey

Explore the motivating world of iPads with Barbara Rainey. She has created classes for the novice as well as the teacher who wants to explore ways to use the iPad to develop, expand and enrich student learning. Barbara is a teacher, always a learner, an adjunct instructor, former Title I teacher/supervisor, Meridian administrator, gifted Ed facilitator and curriculum coordinator. As a charter school director and education consultant, she emphasized brain-compatible teaching and learning strategies. She teaches a variety of courses/workshops online and f2f, i.e. NNU: The Learning Process and the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course.

There's an App for That! Introduction to Using iPads in the ClassroomEDTC57921

There's an app for that! Introduction to Using iPads in the Classroom. This introductory course will explore basic iPad use. Participants will examine the role of iPads in 21st Century student learning. Participants will have an opportunity to share ideas, lessons, questions and tips. Participants must have an iPad for use in class. The course is for beginners as well as those who want to review iPad knowledge and skill.

There's an App for That! Expanding and Integrating the use of iPads in the ClassroomEDTC57922

There's an app for that! Emphasis in this course is on integrating iPad use in the classroom. Participants will examine the increasing role of iPads in 21st Century student learning. This course is designed for those who have a basic understanding of iPad use. It expands the 2013 course.

Participants will have an opportunity to share ideas, lessons, questions and tips. Emphasis will be placed on integration of Common Core Standards. Participants must have an iPad for use in class. Participants should have a basic understanding of iPad functions. This 2-credit course is a hybrid course, including both F2F and online components.

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