Professional Development Course Set-up

for PD Instructors and Building/District Administrators

Our PD Coordinator Team is ready to assist you with all of the details of running a successful PD course for your building, district or conference. We work with qualified K-12 content specialists (CPD adjunct instructors) to assist you with setting up accredited professional development courses that meet the needs of your building, district or organization.

Create and Manage Your Course - The Course Set-up Process

PD Credit Requirements include a minimum of 15 student learning hours, led by a qualified content instructor, that produces a measurable Learning Application Product, for each professional development credit.

Complete the Course Form and e-mail the completed document to PDCoordinator(at)

If this is your first time requesting to teach a course with NNU, please read and complete the action items listed in the "Become and Adjunct Instructor - Facilitating Accredited PD" section below.

Documents received by the CPD will be reviewed for approval by the appropriate University faculties. The PD Coordinator will contact the instructor to facilitate optimal course design and to notify of course approval. Requests for credit approval must be submitted prior to the start date of the course, preferably 2-4 weeks ahead of time.

Course Form  PD Credit Requirements

Become an Adjunct Instructor - Facilitating Accredited PD

To be a CPD adjunct instructor you must have a Masters level degree or higher or be a recognized content specialist in your discipline. For consideration, please complete and return the Instructor Info Form and Adjunct Responsibilities Form. If you would like to designate an Instructor Assistant, please complete and return the Instructor Asst. Info Form below. Please email all completed forms to PDCoordinator(at)

Instructor Info Form Instructor Asst. Info Form Adjunct Responsibilities Form

Purchase Orders

Click the link below for simple instructions on how to set up a Purchase Order to purchase course registrations for members of your organization, district or school.

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