Academic Support Center General Information

General Information

                 Where the under prepared student prepares,

                        the prepared student advances, and

                              the advanced student excels.

The Academic Support Center provides a variety of services to all NNU students, including writing consulting, subject area tutoring by peers, and courses for credit.  The faculty and staff are committed to making your university experience the best it can be.  Success, your goal, is our mission .   All tutoring and consulting are free of charge. 

We are located on the lower level of the Administration Building, Suite 6.  Phone 208-467-8666.


Video of the Academic Support Center 

View what happens at our Center!


Online Writing Help for Graduate Students

Our online writing service aids our online graduate students who need help in writing or editing their papers. 


Any NNU student can spend time with a trained and qualified fellow student who is prepared to offer as much help as is needed to succeed in a specific course.  The tutoring service is free of charge to NNU students; the tutors are able to help in a variety of ways, including discussing course concepts and providing tips on how to prepare for and do well on exams and assignments.

Courses for Credit

A variety of academic courses are available which are designed to strengthen your academic abilities.  These courses include college success strategies, reading (speed, comprehension, vocabulary building, and analysis), English grammar and mechanics, math, and computer courses (all courses 1 credit each).  The purpose of these courses is to help you brush up on skills to become stronger in your course work, to prepare you for a future course you will take, and to prepare you for standardized test taking.


What is Plagiarism?

Check out this website for a fun, interactive lesson on what exactly is plagiarism and how to avoid it.




Plagiarism Check Tool

If you would like to submit your paper to Turnitin, the website that your professor will use to check for plagiarism, ask for an instructional sheet from either the Academic Support Center ( ) or the Library.  This instructional sheet contains the course ID number and password you will need to access the submission page for your paper.  Once you have that sheet then return to this web page and click on the link above called Plagiarism Check Tool to begin the process.  If you have questions, contact the Academic Support Center or the Library.


Help with APA Style


This website explains the APA style and how to use citations and compile a bibliography.


This website is a generator for APA references.



Videos on the Right Way and the Wrong Way to Study

Theses are fun and informative short videos that look at various aspects to effective studying.  Study well to learn well.