Each of the following ONE CREDIT courses is designed to meet your individual needs by enabling you to begin at your own level and proceed from there.  You will focus on your specific major or personal academic needs, and each course will take the standard amount of time for a one credit course--you will sharpen your skills and polish your ability to succeed academically and in your profession.  Contact Professors Barbara Howard (8669) or Kathy Burns (8808)for more information.

STSK 1210: University Success

The course content will include techniques for academic success at the university level with emphasis on the individual student's course work.  Subjects to be included are time management techniques, note-taking and listening skills, reading and critical thinking development, and essay and objective test taking tips.  Topics of special interest to the individual student may also be included.

STSK 1410: Reading Strategies

This course offers a variety of possibilities for improving your reading ability for college and graduate school level work  A popular option is speed reading which focuses on college level reading and beyond and includes a heavy component for comprehension building and critical thinking.  Students who take this option usually double their reading speed in ten weeks or less.   Another option is analytical reading which focuses on improving your ability to understand and remember more complex material from textbooks and other sources.   A further option is vocabulary building which will guide you as you enrich your vocabulary for college work and for graduate school exams.  More options are available.

STSK 1510: Math Strategies

This course offers a great opportunity to review any level of math, either for an upcoming course (such as College Algebra or Calculus) or to prepare to take the ACT or a graduate school entrance exam (such as the GRE).  The one-on-one structure of the course makes it possible to focus on your specific needs and to get all the questions answered that can help you become a stronger student of math.

STSK 1610: English Strategies

Feeling insecure about your ability to edit your own writing?  Wish you could be more confident about your grammar or spelling?  This is the course for you!  The first option, editing, presents you with usage standards and the details of mechanics such as punctuation or spelling.  The second option, writing, combines editing and writing practice to help you improve your skills as you compose your essays and longer papers.  This second option is a good course to take if you've already had English Comp.  The personal attention you receive from the instructor makes it easy to adapt this course to your major.

Computer Applications Courses


Each of the following courses is a self-directed study course. There are no class sessions. Contact Professor Barbara Howard for detailed information about these specific courses:

STSK 1320    CA: Introduction to Word

STSK 1330    CA: Introduction to Excel

STSK 1350    CA: Introduction to Power Point