Parachurch Ministry Minor

Parachurch Ministry Minor

The Parachurch Ministry minor consists of nine courses (19 credit hours) designed to train the student for service in any of a variety of parachurch ministry organizations.  Each course is intended to help the student reflect on the theological, sociological and developmental basis for parachurch ministry and create tangible opportunities to implement these understandings with middle school and/or high school students.  Much in this curriculum has a broad spectrum of vocational application, particularly in settings with young people. Thus, the expectation is that most students who select this minor will major in other schools within NNU.

Proposed Courses

PRTH 1900. Introduction to Parachurch Ministry (2 credits): An introduction to and study of vocational ministry outside of traditional local church or denominational contexts.  Topics include the call to this type of ministry, working with local churches and governing boards, raising support, and developing an advisory committee.

PRTH1710.  Introduction to Christian Ministry (1 credit):  A study of the meaning of a call to vocational ministry. Topics included are standards of character and service, demands and opportunities confronting the ministry, and guidance in planning college courses. Corequisites: PRTH1250.

PRTH3960.  Field Experience in Parachurch Ministry (2 credits):  A study of and practical application of topics in pastoral theology. In addition to the weekly class time, the student will contract to be involved in some phase of Christian ministry in a local church or other appropriate ministry setting. Prerequisites: PRTH2960. Fees: Additional fee required.

PRTH4960.  Internship in Parachurch Ministry (3 credits):  A practical course, open only to seniors in the Department of Religion, involving ministry experience in areas including preaching, counseling, teaching, education, evangelism, administration and missions. This experience will be under the direction of the instructor in cooperation with the supervising ministry mentor. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: PRTH1710, PRTH2960, PRTH3960 or instructor's permission. Fees: Additional fee required.

CHED3820.  Introduction to Youth Ministry (2 credits):  A study of those activities related to the church, which involve youth. The course is particularly designed to aid those who are specializing in a ministry to youth. Fees: Additional fee required.

CHED3860.  Advanced Youth Ministry (2 credits):  A study of the nature and needs of youth with special attention given to identity and faith development as well as current information from the discipline of youth ministry. Prerequisites: CHED3820 must be taken previous semester or year. Offered: Alternate years.

CHED3750.  Compassionate Ministries (2 credits):  A study of the theology of social holiness as expressed in a life of compassionate stewardship. The course will explore current literature and programs being developed by evangelical churches focusing on compassionate ministries. Special attention will be given to urban compassionate ministry centers being developed by the Church of the Nazarene. A field trip is a required part of the course. Fulfills a General Education Tier II Cross-Cultural Experience. Fees: Additional fee required.

PRTH3400.  Cross-Cultural Communication of the Gospel (2):  A study of cultural and strategic dimensions involved in cross-cultural communication of the gospel. Consideration will be given to assessing cultural contexts and applying sound biblical and theological principles to strategies of communicating the gospel. Prerequisites: THEO2100, PRTH2400. Fees: Additional fee required

COMM2030.  Interpersonal Communications (3):  An introduction to interpersonal communication theories, research and practice. Focus is on influences and effects of interpersonal relationships and ways to improve communication.