Study Abroad & Off-Campus FAQ

If I am currently receiving financial aid, will it apply if I study abroad?

Step 1 is to check with your financial aid officer as to whether your program will allow you to keep your NNU aid. However, there are a few general guidelines:

Semester Programs: Students enrolling in NNU affiliate programs for a semester may be able to continue to receive some of their NNU financial aid. However, the amount of aid is usually limited. Students attending NNU-sponsored programs (i.e. those in which NNU faculty are conducting courses abroad) will also remain eligible for aid. Eligibility will be determined by their NNU financial aid officer and/or NNU administration.

Summer Programs: Students enrolling in summer programs normally are not eligible for aid. However, if you attend an affiliate program, you may remain eligible for federal loans.

What if I want to go to a program that is not on the list?

There are two things to consider in this instance: whether NNU will accept credits from that program and whether or not financial aid will apply.

Credits: If you find a program that appeals to you, but is not affiliated with NNU, you may still be able to attend that program and transfer your credits back to NNU. Consult with Dr. Galloway or the registrar's office regarding whether NNU will accept credits from specific institutions or programs. However, be aware that just because NNU will accept credits from a program, that does not guarantee that a course will apply toward the fulfillment of specific major or general education requirements.

Students who desire to enroll in non-affiliate programs will not receive any of their NNU financial aid.

I have heard that if I want to go to a non-affiliate program but I want to keep my NNU financial aid, I can have you petition the Academic Council to get approval to do this on a one-time basis. Is that true?

No. (This occurred in the past on a few occasions; however, it is no longer permitted.)

As a dependent of an NNU faculty/staff member, I am receiving a full or partial tuition waiver from NNU. Will my waiver apply to the costs of attending an off-campus program?

Generally, the answer is no, they do not apply. Students receiving such waivers will have to pay for their study abroad out of pocket.

Can I get cross-cultural credit for a study-abroad program?

Yes. Students can fulfill the cross-cultural experience by attending a program in another country.

In addition, some programs also have significant cross-cultural courses that fulfill the NNU cross-cultural seminar requirement.

Programs which have components that may be substituted for the NNU cross-cultural seminar are:

Romanian Studies Program

SNU Quetzal Education Research Program (QERC)

Korea Teacher Education Program

CCCU Australia Studies Centre (ASC)

CCCU China Studies Program (CSP)

CCCU Latin America Studies Program (LASP)

CCCU Uganda Studies Program (USP)

In some cases, journals or papers written during your study abroad experience may fulfill the cross-cultural paper requirement. Assistant Professor David Blowers, the cross-cultural coordinator, will determine which programs and assignments fulfill these requirements. Generally, these would be papers that reflect growing cultural awareness on the part of the student.

You can find information on the cross-cultural experience here.

I am applying to a program and the application form asks for the signature of the Chief Academic Officer for NNU.

Dr. Galloway, the Off-Campus Study Director, can sign this.  Please contact the Off-Campus Study Office, 467.8113, to set up an appointment.

If you have questions about these procedures or need further assistance:

Please contact the Off-Campus Study Office, 467.8113.