Faculty and Staff

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Catherine Beals, Ed.D.

Faculty, Education
Phone: 208-467-8355
Email: cbeals(at)nnu.edu


Karen K Blacklock 

Faculty, Education
Phone: 208-467-8399
Email: kkblacklock(at)nnu.edu

Heidi Curtis, Ed.D.

Faculty, Education
Doctor of Educational Leadership Program
Phone: 208-467-8250
Email: hlcurtis(at)nnu.edu

Jennifer Hill, Ed.D., LPC

Faculty, Education
Phone: 208-467-8871
Email: jjhill(at)nnu.edu

Lynette Hill, Ed.D.

Faculty, Education
Reading Online Program Director
Phone: 208-467-8802
Email: ljhill(at)nnu.edu

Mike Poe, Ed.D.

Faculty, Education
MED & EDS Educational Leadership Program Director
Phone: 208-467-8429
Emaill: empoe(at)nnu.edu

Duane L Slemmer, Ed.D.

Faculty, Education
CAS Education Department Chair
Phone: 208-467-8039
Email: dlslemmer(at)nnu.edu

Whitney Ward, Ed.S.

Faculty, Education
Director of Student Teaching
Phone: 208-467-8354
Email: wtward(at)nnu.edu

Lori Werth, Ph.D., MS

Faculty, Education
EDD Educational Leadership Program Director
Phone: 208-467-8062
Email: lwerth(at)nnu.edu


Paula Kellerer, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Adult and Graduate Studies
Phone: 208-467-8729
Email: pkellerer(at)nnu.edu


Audra Butkus

Education Department Assistant
Phone: 208-467-8029
Email: abutkus(at)nnu.edu

Julie Howard

Program Coordinator
Adult & Professional Program in Education
Phone: 208-467-8023
Email: jhoward(at)nnu.edu

Jackie Schober

Program Coordinator
MED C&I, Exceptional Child, & Reading Online
Phone: 208-467-8341
Email: jsschober(at)nnu.edu

Cindy Williams

Program Assistant
MED, EDS, EDD Ed Leadership
Phone: 208-467-8052
Email: cwilliams(at)nnu.edu


LoriAnn Sanchez, Ph.D.

Faculty, Education
APP-Ed Program Director
Phone: 208-467-8457
Email: lsanchez(at)nnu.edu

Karen S Smucker, Ph.D.

Faculty, Education
Exceptional Child Program Director
Phone: 208-467-8357
Email: kssmucker(at)nnu.edu