Christians in Media

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Can Christians Work in Media?

Are Christianity and the Media necessarily opposed to each other?

Our view is that filmmaking is simply one of many tools of communication available to anyone who takes the time to learn it.   That tool can be used to spread a message of hate, selfishness, or self-indulgence, but it can also be used to communicate the love God has for all of His creation.  Just like books, magazines, and radio, film and television are two "channels" we can use to let people know there is freedom, and the only true sense of fulfillment, in a relationship with God.


But does that necessarily mean "Christian" films and television?

It's been our experience that TV programming and motion pictures that preach a blatantly Christian message reach a very small audience, made up almost entirely of people who are already Christians.  So, rather than "preaching to the choir," we believe it is much more valuable to simply live a Christ-like life, and let our relationship with God permeate everything we do.

At The Film School at NNU, our focus is not on teaching people how to make Christian TV shows and movies.  Our focus is on helping students live a Christ-filled life, while learning to be truly professional media artists, so that they can be effective ministers within the secular world of television and film.

At one time or another, our faculty have written, produced and/or directed Christian television for some of the biggest "names" in the church -- names recognized and honored world-wide.  And yet we have found it much more valuable to simply live Christianity while working in the secular world of media.

Do the message of the cross and the mediums of film and television mix? 

Absolutely.  And certainly there is a time and place for "Christian" films and television, especially in church and mission work.  But if we want to reach the burned-out, lost and searching, sick and tired people of our world with God's message of peace and freedom, we need to go to where they are and love them, not wait for them to come to us.

That's kind of what Jesus did, wouldn't you say?