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Real Education, Real World

If you're thinking about applying for the Film School at NNU, you should know this:  we expect great things, and it's a lot of hard work.  Our curriculum gives you excellent foundational skills and theory, but it's what we do outside of class that lets you put the those into practice.  Our philosophy is that you learn how to work in the real world by working in the real world. 

And in that sense, Film Schoolis like a working studio: students don't just work on student projects, they create real-world productions which are broadcast and distributed nationwide through professional, commercial outlets.  So what you do at NNU doesn't just show up on the local campus channel or PBS station, it's on an NBC affiliate, ESPN, or in international film festivals. 

From this philosophy come our three departmental strategies:  Our Standards, Goals, and Guides. 

Our Standards: Professional and Collaborative 

We challenge our students to think of themselves not as college students competing with other college students, but as professionals competing at the professional level.  That means class projects aren't just cute or funny videos to make your friends laugh, they're high-quality works ready for broadcast.  It means we learn how to work -- and work together -- to create award winning film and television programming, from script to distribution.  Our standards are high, but for those who want to make it in this industry, the standards can never be high enough. 

Our Goals: Extraordinary and Original 

Everyone needs to learn the basics, the foundations.  But even at the freshman level, we're looking for students with a unique voice -- something important to say, or a new way to say it.  Some of this will come from the training and education we give you, but much of it comes from inside you -- your passion, your drive, your own personal style.  It's not tough to copy others; the real trick is to learn to be -- and express -- yourself.  We'll help you do that. 

Our Guide: Faith, Hope, Love 

We don't teach Christian filmmaking.  We teach filmmaking in a Christian atmosphere. 

Yes, your personal goal may be to work in a church or on the mission field using media, and we'll prepare you for that.  But most of our students have a strong desire to work in movies and television in the secular world.  So we don't focus on "Christian" programming, we focus on outstanding programming, but with the spiritual foundations to make a meaningful impact on your world. 

As faculty who come from the "real" world of media production, we know the  importance of a vital relationship with God in creating worthwhile works.  We know that faith, hope and love must be the driving force behind all we do: faith that God will use us in ways that are beyond our human capabilities, hope that what we do will impact people's lives, and a love for others that makes us passionate about creating life-changing projects. 

We don't teach Christian filmmaking.  We teach filmmaking in a Christian atmoshpere.