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Mission Statement

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The Northwest Nazarene University Testing Center supports the educational mission of NNU by providing high quality testing services in accordance with the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines and governmental regulations. The services provided for students, faculty, staff, community members, and business partners will be consistently rendered with an attitude of service that demonstrates value for relationships, personal excellence, diversity, and commitment to lifelong learning.

PRAXIS Test Site

NNU is a national test site for administering the PRAXIS exam. The test is administered in the Thomas Family Health and Science Center, between the library and the Wiley Learning Center on Dewey Street.

The 2013-14 National Testing Dates at NNU are:

July 20, 2013; September 21, 2013; November 2, 2013; March 8, 2014

To register for the PRAXIS, click the ETS link below.

Study Guides

The NNU Testing Center only recommends study resources officially endorsed by the test publishers. Many other resources are available online and in print form.

General guidance for testing, and guidance for specific tests. Made available FREE to students in the State of Idaho. 


The Testing Center is located in the Emerson Administration Building, the T-shaped building at the circle drive.  Map  We are downstairs at the end of the hall.


Tests and Services

  • Proctoring Services
    The NNU Testing Center is available to proctor tests for a variety of students' needs, including distance learning courses and non-NNU students. This service is free for registered NNU students.  There is a $25 proctor fee for non-NNU students.  Call Monti Channon to schedule an appointment: 208-467-8463.
  • Residual ACT Tests
    NNU offers the Residual ACT for prospective students.
  • CAAP Tests 
    As an NNU graduation requirement, students must complete the CAAP exam during either their junior or senior year. The exam is offered four times each year. 2013-14 CAAP information
  • CLEP Tests
    NNU offers CLEP testing for college credit.  Click here for the course substitutions allowed by NNU.  They may differ from information on the official CLEP website. Click here for information about scheduling and studying for CLEP tests.
  • COMPASS Tests 
    NNU offers COMPASS testing for Math and English proficiency and placement.
  • DSST Tests
    NNU offers DSST (formerly DANTES) testing for college credit.  Click here for the course substitutions allowed by NNU.  They may differ from the official DSST website.  Click here for information about scheduling and studying for DSST tests.

Scheduling & Payment

The Administration Fee must be paid at the time of scheduling to reserve a seat. CASH, check, debit, or credit card payment is accepted.

TO SCHEDULE A TEST, email studenttesting@nnu.edu or call Monti Channon (208-467-8463).



Admin Fee

Test Fee

Proctoring Services - non-NNU students

$25 per test

Proctoring Services - registered NNU students


Residual ACT Test

$50 per test

CAAP Test - Scheduled Group Tests


CAAP Test - Special Schedule

$50 per test


$40 per test

$80 per test


$10 per test


$40 per test

$80 per test