Documentation Guidelines

Students who request special accommodations for disabilities must have current documentation of a disability on file in the office of Academic Advising from a qualified professional, such as a licensed counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or physician. The documentation should contain the following items:

  • Date(s) of evaluation.
  • Diagnosis.
  • Reference to the types of evaluation procedures utilized.
  • Evaluation results and/or test scores (as appropriate).
  • Limitations of student functioning (especially as related to the higher education environment).
  • Recommendations and rationale for accommodations, which are helpful in assisting institutional personnel in determining appropriate and necessary support.
  • An accurate and current picture of how the disability impacts the student at the present time, and thus, in most cases, the documentation should be less than five years old.

When the documentation arrives, the Assignment of Accommodation form is completed by Academic Advising personnel and placed in the student's file. This form specifies the reasonable accommodations that will be provided for the student by NNU while enrolled as a student.

Documentation may be sent by mail, fax, or email:

Heidi Tracht, Director of Academic Advising & Testing
Northwest Nazarene University
623 S. University Blvd.
Nampa, ID 83686

Fax: 208-467-8603
Email: disabilityservices(at)