All items listed fall within the guidelines of the Instructions to Depository Libraries (GP 3.26:D44/2000), Chapter 4 Maintenance, E. Discards by Selective Depositories. 


Offer dates for Idaho Selective Depositories and all other depositories are subject to change in accordance with the Idaho Regional Depository time requirements to verify and request from each list.  Revised dates will be posted as soon as possible upon request from Regional. 

Requests from any depository may be sent at any time with the noted groups within each time frame having first come, first serve priority.  An email will be sent to verify item delivery or non-delivery to all requestors as soon as the time frame for that particular group has begun.  

Reimbursement is requested for all postage over $3.00.  Please pay with check, no cash or stamps please.  If an invoice is required please include that information with the request. 


For requests or further information please contact:
LaRita Schandorff

623 S. University  Blvd, Nampa, ID 83686