M.Ed. Educational Leadership: Building Administrator

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MEd in Educational Leadership

Successful completion of the MEd in Educational Leadership qualifies the graduate for recommendation to the State of Idaho for a K-12 principal's certificate. (Individuals should check for specific requirements for certification in other states.)

Each student completes a nine-month internship in a school setting under the supervision of a qualified building principal. The internship assignment must be approved by the school district and the NNU program director.

Another significant expectation is that each student will identify a specific topic or problem of interest. During enrollment in EDUC 7518 Action Research for Educators, the student will develop an action research proposal. The student will complete the action research effort, submit the results in a formal paper to NNU, and make an in-service presentation during his or her internship year.

  • Coursework may be taken to lead to principal certification only or to the M.Ed. degree with certification.
  • The program utilizes a cohort model. 
  • Face-to-face and online schedules are designed to allow the educator to complete a master's degree while teaching full time.
  • Degree completion takes approximately 23 months, including the nine-month internship.

The Educational Leadership program is designed for those seeking formal educational leadership roles such as building-level principals, assistant principals, or instructional team leaders. It emphasizes the administrator as an instructional leader and a servant leader. Skills appropriate to goal setting and maximizing human potential, the unique aspects of an organizational structure, and the management tasks of an administrator are identified. 

We have designed our Graduate Programs in Education around the working professional. An online program is available. In the face-to-face program, classes are held during the day in summer and one night per week during the school year. Your administration internship is completed in the building in which you are teaching and can be completed around your teaching schedule. We utilize a cohort model, enabling you go through your classes with the same group of people, which builds camaraderie both during the program and after you graduate. Your professors at NNU are Educational Leaders themselves and provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed as a building administrator.


MEd in Educational Leadership Courses

EDUC 7511 The Learning Process (3)
EDUC 7518 Action Research for Educators (3)
EDUC 7531 Statistical Applications for Educators (2)
EDUC 7533 Curriculum and Assessment (3)
EDUC 7545 Classroom and Behavior Management in the Mainstreamed Classroom (3)
EDUC 7562 Technology in Education (3)
EDUC 7564 Values in Education (2)
EDUC 7575 Legal and Financial Issues in Education (3)
EDUC 7579 Special Education Law for Administrators (2)
EDUC 7581 Instructional Supervision and Leadership (3)
EDUC 7585 Administering Human Resources (3)
EDUC 7596III Internship/Principalship (7)
EDUC 7598c Seminar: Action Research (1)

Total Credits 38 

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Course Descriptions

EDUC 7545. Classroom and Behavior Management in the Mainstreamed Classroom (3 credits)

This course offers procedures for developing appropriate behaviors in the regular classroom both with regular students and with students considered behaviorally disordered. Behavior modification techniques will be discussed as well as development of management techniques. Non-instructional expectations of the teacher and relations with colleagues and parents will be explored.

EDUC 7562. Technology in Education (3 credits)

Helps students gain an awareness of current and emerging computer technologies and develop practical skills for integrating these technologies in educational settings. Essential and advanced features of software applications will be explored.

EDUC 7564. Values in Education (2 credits)

A study of the educator's role in relation to student and societal values. Includes theories and practical application related to moral development and the educator's responsibility in character education and values formation.

EDUC 7575. Legal and Financial Issues in Education (3 credits)

An overview of constitutional and state legal expectations of the schools, both public and private, and basic principles of school finance.

EDUC 7579. Special Education Law for Administrators (2 credits)

Enables students to understand the legal complexities involved in identifying and providing educational services to students with special needs. Federal, state, and local laws including IDEA, Section 504, and ADA will be examined as well as case law.

EDUC 7581. Instructional Supervision and Leadership (3 credits)

A discussion of the educator as an instructional leader and supervisory systems the leader can implement to improve instruction.

EDUC 7585. Administering Human Resources (3 credits)

The role of the administrator in working with people. Shared decision-making, conflict management, goal setting, development of human potential, evaluation, and selection. Legal expectations including negotiations, contracting, and policy development.

EDUC 7596 III. Internship/Principalship (7credits)

A full year part-time supervised internship in a school setting concurrent with scheduled class sessions.

EDUC 7598c. Seminar: Action Research (1 credit)

The purpose of this seminar is to provide guidance and instruction to students completing their action research project. The finished product is the action research paper and presentation.


MEd in Educational Leadership contacts

For program details, please contact 
Dr. Mike Poe (208) 467-8429

For application materials, please contact 
Cindy Williams (208) 467-8052