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Master of Arts: Christian Education

Whether you are heading into a vocational ministry role as a youth or children's pastor, or you are a layperson desiring advanced training in the context of parachurch ministry, Christian schools or camping, NNU's fully online Masters in Christian Education can equip you for the ministry to which God is calling you. Earn an M.Div. within 50 months or an M.A. in less than two years without any residential requirements. Our MDIVCE program has been validated as meeting the educational requirements for ordination as elders in the Church of the Nazarene*. 

Many of our students are serving in full-time or part-time ministry assignments while others are serving presently in volunteer capacities. MDIVCE students complete an online orientation, 42 credits in their pastoral ministry core, and 32 hours of emphasis in Christian Education. After completing an online orientation, MACE students focus their studies strictly around the same eight Christian Education courses in which MDIVCE students take as their emphasis, as shown in the comparison chart to the right.

If you are an adult learner who wants to leverage the power of the Internet to accomplish your goal of a graduate degree, then NNU's fully online Master of Divinity or Master of Arts programs in Christian Education may be for you. Study in the context of a community of adult learners from some of the most respected faculty members in online education today. Complete your degree without having to relocate, or even travel for costly, occasional on-campus residential modules. Earn your degree from a leading institution in online theological education with associate membership in The Association of Theological Schools and over 80 years of continuous regional accreditation.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify, or students may take advantage of a zero interest monthly payment plan. Avoid expensive travel costs associated with modular programs at other seminaries, not to mention costly time away from home and your workplace. Tuition discounts are also available to assigned Nazarene clergy.

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*Nazarene Clergy Services has not validated NNU's MACE program as meeting all of the denomination's educational requirements for ordination. Districts may determine that some courses in this program fulfill particular competencies, however. Students who desire to study in the area of Christian Education and seek to complete their educational requirements for ordination should enroll in NNU's Master of Divinity track in Christian Education, which has been validated by Nazarene Clergy Services.

Course Descriptions

Online Masters in Christian Education Courses:

BIBL6520. Biblical Foundations of Christian Educational Ministries (4 credits): The course will provide a biblical framework for Christian educational ministry. Special attention will be given to a Wesleyan hermeneutical process of interpretation as well as Bible study methodologies.

CHED6120. Introduction to Christian Education (4 credits): The course focuses on the integration of theology and the social sciences particularly as it relates to developing a philosophy of Christian education. The development of a philosophy of Christian education provides students avenues to critically evaluate educational structures and forms of Christian discipleship in local congregations. Particular attention is given to the role of Christian education in congregational life and formation.

CHED6520. Topics in Christian Education: Postmodern Ministry (Youth/Children) (4 credits): The course focuses on the impact of Postmodernism on youth and children's ministry, drawing upon experts in the area of youth and children's ministry.

CHED7320 Family Based Youth/Children's Ministry (4 credits): The course approaches ministry to youth and children from a family systems perspective, drawing on current models and approaches from experts in the field of youth and children's ministry.

CHED7720. Seminar in Christian Education: Youth/Children's Ministry (4 credits): The course focuses on contemporary issues and topics in the field of youth and children's ministry drawing upon experts in the area of youth and children's ministry.

CHIS7120 Historical & Psychological Foundations of Christian Formation/Nurture (4 credits): The course explores the historical foundations of Christian nurture and formation. Particular attention will be given to the historical development of Christian nurture as well as the impact of developmental theories on Christian formation.

PHIL6520. Theoretical Foundations of Christian Education (4 credits): The course will be primarily concerned with issues related to human anthropology and the development of the self. This will include study in the following areas: critical reasoning, human psychology, and character/moral development.

PRTH6000. Program Orientation (0 credit): This course orients students to the resources, procedures, electronic operations, and expectations of the program.

THEO7120. Theological Foundations of Christian Education (4 credits): The course is designed to provide an underpinning for Christian education by examining John Wesley's theological sources. Particular attention will be given to how theology informs Christian educational ministry practices.

Program Outcomes

Online Masters in Christian Education Outcomes:

  • The graduate identifies characteristics of human development theory necessary for teaching and learning in educational ministries.
  • The graduate integrates and values the role of social science research and theology to inform educational practice that foster congregational education and formation.
  • The graduate gains an understanding of and an appreciation for the historical, theological, and philosophical foundations that inform educational ministry and practice.
  • The graduate utilizes insights of Christian Education to evaluate the congregation (demographics) and move persons and congregations toward Christian maturity and practices consistent with Christian theology.


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